Google Ads includes both the Search Network and the Display Network. In Google Display Network (GDN) display image ads are advertised on Google massive network of websites.

We use Google’s Display Network to show your display ad to a targeted audience who have already shown an interest in your industry or services and show them visual ads as they browse the web. Additionally, we will implement Google Ads Remarketing, which targets your previous visitors, giving you another opportunity to convert customers who didn’t quite buy into your product/ business initially.

Why Google Display Network (GDN)?

  • Google Display Network reaches a massive 90% of internet users globally
  • Get targeted customers who have already shown an interest in your products/ services
  • Images ads tend to be more visually engaging
  • You can decide who sees your ads and where the ads are to be displayed
  • Remarketing allows you to target your earlier visitors once more



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