Magento shopping cart is an extremely powerful, flexible and scalable ecommerce platform chosen by 1 in 5 online businesses. Magento is an elite enterprise-class platform synonymous with high-performance e-commerce, empowering over 200,000+ online retailers to date (notably Samsung, Nike) and boasts of a whopping 800,000+ members in the global community.

Offering powerful and flexible features, Magento’s innate administration interface provides enhanced marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue management tools to modify the appearance, content and functionality of every unique business.

Besides being your #1 choice to an all-in-one e-commerce platform, Magento takes things one step further by boosting your customer networks and increasing online sales.


  • Open Source platform = Lower cost of ownership.
  • Large community support with many global developers dedicated to round-the-clock services ensuring the speed, modernity and security of the platform.
  • Popular and powerful enterprise-grade shopping cart software.
  • High performance and rapid page load speed.
  • Widely trusted & employed by over 240,000 e-commerce stores globally.
  • Supported by reputable billion-dollar giant owner Ebay.


Suitable for SMEs, large enterprises, merchants selling tens of thousands of products and websites with high traffic volume.